Mark Plowman

  • Specialist areas
  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Linear Distribution
  • OTT Engineering
  • Satellite RF Engineering
  • Training

I have a broad range of experience over many years starting from electronic repair, through telecoms to cable TV technical support engineering and national management to most recently broadcast projects engineering and management.

My initiative and drive have always made me curious and enthusiastic to take on new and diverse technology. I have a friendly and inclusive approach with everyone I work with encouraging team working and effort that goes well beyond the 9-5.

In the last three years I have:

  • Migrated multiple live encode/Mux distribution platforms.
  • Created and delivered DVB/Harmonic NMX/Multicast and RF Training courses.
  • Evaluated, redesigned and Built a whole new satellite/terrestrial RF & optical over-lay distribution system and configured new remote circuits for satellite RX.
  • Project managed and engineered a 29 channel turnaround system.
  • Provided multiple zixi circuit deliveries.
  • Learned, redesigned and automated a Flowworks OTT Workflow platform using mysql and php scripts.

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