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I am a specialist in technology security who has been creating new and innovative solutions for securing technology assets in finance, Internet of Things and secure government.  I am also a forensics expert called by the Court of Session (the highest court in Scotland) to perform forensics collections and provide expert witness statements for civil cases.

I was lead security architect at a FTSE 10 UK insurance company and went on to engineer brand new “security at devops speed” philosophy (with Gerard Magennis) that involved a complete cultural and technological change to the organisation including building a specialist Security Operations Centre.  I have had various roles over the years including designing Royal Bank of Scotland’s new Digital banking security and in the past have designed and built systems for clients ranging from Abbey National,, Reuters and many investment banks.  Designing a fraud detection system for Orange Mobile in the early 2000’s led me into a career of building core enterprise security capabilities.

I am a co-owner (with Jonathan Marshall) of Connect Devices and have engineered a novel home network scanning capability from a mobile phone and have built a distributed ETSI 303 645 testing system in partnership with DTG, DCMS and the NCSC.

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