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What we do

We provide a complete end to end project delivery service including programme office services, planning, mobilising and delivering technical projects. We fully resource project teams with engineers, operations, business analysts, project management, technical design architects and other key roles. We can also provide specialists as required. We deliver all types of projects for broadcast and media including facility build and migration, new platform build and service launches.

How we work

Once we understand the project requirements, we work out the most appropriate methodology, whether waterfall, agile or a combination of both. We work with stakeholders to set budgets and timescale. We resource the programme appropriately, depending on requirements, delivery dates, workload and, of course, budget.

Why use us?

We provide a single stop shop for expertise and resourcing. This enables us to meet aggressive timescales that internal teams or teams specifically recruited for the project would find challenging. We have proven expertise in broadcast and media which means we understand a wide range of technologies, processes and applications that form the basis of most projects. We engage with our customers outside of IR35 on the basis of statements of work and deliverables, using our own systems.

Typical types of projects we deliver

COVID-compliant remote working solutions

Enabling remote working for technical and operational roles can be challenging particularly when dealing with legacy systems or stitching together complex workflows. We can get your control room COVID safe within a matter of weeks or even days, using our three step approach.

  1. Firstly, we’ll assess your operational needs, existing technical infrastructure and potential quick wins.
  2. We’ll then develop technical and process adaptation proposals and costs for you.
  3. Finally, we’ll implement adapted systems and processes so your business can continue as normal.

Social distancing solutions include one or more of the following.

  1. Relocating staff within your existing facilities.
  2. Relocating staff to other nearby sites.
  3. Enabling employees to work from home.

Check out our blog post for more information on the different solutions available.

Greenfield broadcast facility build

A greenfield broadcast site provides a tremendous opportunity to create a unique and world class facility. With our full range of inhouse broadcast engineering skills together with our project partners including architects, building services, surveyors, builders and other key roles we can provide a one stop shop for greenfield site builds.

Studio build and refits

Studio projects often require a mix of production, networking and building services skills. We work with in-house facilities teams to specify, design and build studios, galleries, sound booths and equipment rooms. Our experience in studio operations and new builds will ensure your project is a success.

Cloud migration

Migration of services to the cloud is becoming increasingly common. However, this doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier. Migrating 24/7 services to a new environment is full of risk and is an area companies can’t afford to get wrong. Our specialist broadcast and network engineers can navigate through the challenges and successfully deliver your cloud migration project.


Network rollout

Network rollouts require a range of specialist skills including broadcast, IP and networking. Our teams provide end-to-end project services including planning, design, build and migration. By teaming up with our project partners we bring the necessary broadcast and networking skills mix to ensure your networking project is successful.

Facility closure and site migration

Closing a broadcast facility presents a unique set of challenges, particularly if this includes migrating 24/7 services. Our experienced teams and range of industry partners will ensure you meet your migration deadlines and keep services on air throughout.

Check out our blog post for a recent example of a migration.

Broadcast control room build

Refreshing a control room provides a fantastic opportunity to create a world-class facility that will impress customers and support operators in their critical 24/7 roles. Whether a new build or a refresh, common challenges encountered include maintaining service availability, accommodating operator requirements and successfully completing commissioning and testing. Our experienced and multi-functional team together with our project partners will ensure your new control room project is a success story.

Check out our blog post for a recent example of a control room build.

Our project partners enable us to quickly mobilise the best team with the right mix of skills and experience. This not only saves time during mobilisation, by working with tried and tested contractors and suppliers, this also helps ensure your project is a success.

Content Production and Supply Chain Management – Blue Lucy

Blue Lucy is led by a team of industry experts with a business-orientated approach to media technology. Their BLAM product is a content production and supply chain management platform for the media industry that has been designed to meet the complex production and delivery requirements for the multiplatform age.

Blue Lucy has a well-founded understanding of the business of production, broadcasting, and content publishing. Their recently announced partnership with QuicTools through which they will provide interfaces to a wide range of traditional broadcast systems makes them a perfect partner to allow media operators to modernise their capability whilst extending the life of legacy platforms.

Broadcast systems control and monitoring – Densitron IDS

Founded over 50 years ago, Densitron designs and manufactures touch-based displays for Human Machine Interaction solutions tailored to the needs of customers around the world. Densitron’s IDS product range combines proprietary hardware and software to enable broadcasters to connect, control and automate devices and activities in and around the studio. Information and content from the IDS platform can be displayed at any end point, integrating seamlessly with the wide range of Densitron or third-party displays.

The Hawk Media Partnership has selected Densitron as their partner due to their highly adaptable and capable IDS product range together with Densitron’s excellent customer service ethos.

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Control Room Furniture – LundHalsey

LundHalsey provides high-quality broadcast control room furniture. They have a strong worldwide reputation for providing excellent design and installation services. LundHalsey and the Hawk Media Partnership have collaborated together on a number of high profile master control room projects.

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Architect – Kitson Architecture

Kitson Architecture provides building and facility design and implementation services. Kitson has worked with The Hawk Media Partnership to produce fantastic results on several master control room and data centre projects.

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Wiring expertise and facilities – BroadcastWired

BroadcastWired provides professional, high standard broadcast and audiovisual rack build and installations services. Run by David Mottley, BroadcastWired covers television and radio studios, commercial AV, home automation, data centres and cable prefabrication. BroadcastWired also offers a rack build and cable prefabrication service from a facility in Kent, UK.

BroadcastWired provides a highly responsive service and can mobilise their wiring teams at short notice for small or large assignments as required.

The Hawk Media Partnership selected BroadcastWired as their wiring partner because of their excellent levels of build quality, superior customer service and collaborative approach.

If you’d like to discuss becoming a corporate projects partner, please contact us at

"Hawk provides Narrative Entertainment with excellent advice and guidance on technology, workflow and operations. They are an essential part of the team and I would highly recommend their services to other broadcasters undertaking complex and challenging technical projects." Remy Minute, CEO Narrative Entertainment

Remy Minute, CEO Narrative Entertainment


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The report was researched and written by Angus Blackwood. In this exclusive World Teleport Association webinar, Angus can be heard speaking about the research findings.

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