CTO as a Service

On demand access to broadcast and media expertise

What is CTO as a Service?

CTO as a Service is a flexible technical and operational consultancy service that is available as and when you need it. The service is provided by broadcast and media professionals with a broad range of specialist skills. The Hawk Media Partnership provides consultants ‘on demand’ to tackle operational challenges, technical problems or projects when required.

Examples include:

  • Development of new products or services requiring the specification and implementation of technical solutions and operating models.
  • Platform commercial negotiations and on-going management.
  • Interim leadership during permanent CTO or technical/operational leader’s absence.
  • Finding solutions for technical problems (e.g. service failures, subtitle delivery issues) that are affecting our customers’ financial returns or reputation.
  • Focus on specific technology or service areas. This may include e.g., operational improvement analysis, new technology trials, and efficiency improvements.
  • Support for merger & acquisition activities.
  • Specification and management of technology upgrades.
  • Negotiation and management of third party service providers.

How does CTO as a Service add value?

CTO as a Service is ideal for smaller organisations that don’t have access to in-house technology or operational specialists.

By having access to broadcast and media senior level experts, companies don’t need to pay for costly permanent senior roles and overheads.

In addition, we can offer expertise across different specialties for independent, objective advice.

We can arrange working patterns to suit what’s required. This could range from one day per week or month to being full-time depending on your challenge. Finally, you only pay for what you use.

Why use The Hawk Media Partnership?

Much of the value The Hawk Media Partnership brings is its in-depth experience of the broadcast and media market. Our customers benefit from our critical mass of senior engineering and operations professionals.

Our partners have many years’ experience in management roles and therefore we can quickly get up to speed on challenging technical issues. In addition, because we work across different organisations we can share best practice with our customers.

"I worked with Jeremy during a particularly testing period of transition and couldn’t have wanted for a better interim CTO. He is the epitome of calm and stability, providing leadership and direction for the technical teams during a time of extreme volatility. Jeremy brings creative and lateral thinking to the table, offering technology solutions that might not be obvious at first look. He hits the ground running so it was very quickly a no brainer to brief him and leave him to it, knowing the objectives and the teams were in such safe and organised hands. On a personal note, the solid and unconditional support he gave me as interim CEO was, quite frankly, invaluable during that time and I will have no hesitation in picking up the phone again. I just hope he’ll be available!"

Tracey Nicholls, TVT Media


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