Interim Management

On-demand cover for engineering and operations management roles

Need an Interim Manager?

If you need temporary cover for engineering and operations positions then we can help. With considerable experience across the broadcast and media sector, we can provide experienced and credible leaders for weeks or months – and usually at a few days’ notice.

Here’s a few examples where an interim manager can provide cover:

  • During transformation programmes, such as reorganisation, facility closures or company sale;
  • During unexpected absences, including sickness;
  • For a new role until recruitment is complete;
  • During maternity or paternity absence;
  • Due to lack of in-house skills.

Why use The Hawk Media Partnership?

Much of the value The Hawk Media Partnership brings is its in-depth experience of the broadcast and media market. Our partners have many years’ experience in management roles and therefore we can quickly get up to speed in an interim role. In addition, because we work across different organisations we can share best practice with our customers.

The view from outside an organisation is often quite different from the view within, which provides us with objectivity. Finally, as interim managers we are not out to prove a point – just help our customers in their time of need – we don’t defend the status quo unless it deserves to be defended, we’ll just get on with the task at hand.

“Working with Hawk, and Angus in particular, was an easy decision. Our paths have crossed many times over the last 20 years and Angus has delivered numerous high-value projects faultlessly throughout that period. The team that Angus brought together proved to be exactly the right mix of technical and programme management skills, as well as a group of excellent communicators meaning the Encompass team were kept fully updated throughout the lengthy programme, and this team worked tirelessly to ensure they interfaced with the ‘home’ team throughout. Teamwork was perhaps one of the stand-out aspects of the entire programme, not to mention ‘on time and on budget! I have no hesitation recommending the services of the Hawk Media Partnership to anyone looking to embark on a large integration project. Great work everyone!”

Nick Thompson, MD Encompass EMEA


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