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Workflow360: Develop seamless workflow

What is Workflow Improvement?

Workflow360 helps broadcast and media companies review and improve their workflow processes and systems. It consists of work methods that review and analyse existing workflow effectiveness and throughput so that new, more effective workflows, can be introduced.

Why do I need to improve my workflow or processes?

Broadcast and media companies use workflow and processes extensively throughout the content production, management and distribution ecosystem. Over time, as services evolve, workflow and associated systems become outdated and ineffective. This can result in inefficiencies and in some cases on-air issues. By reviewing and refreshing workflows and systems, organisations can reduce costs and improve output.

What steps are involved in improving processes?

The Hawk Media Partnership advocates a three-stage collaborative approach outlined below, concluding with the delivery of a ‘to be’ process model with defined roles and responsibilities.

Assess and Evaluate

Information gathering including identification of ‘as-is’ processes. Opportunities captured will serve as an important source of input for potential ‘quick wins’, the definition of ‘guiding principles’, and the development of the desired ‘To-Be’ state.

Plan and Design

Agree ‘guiding principles’ for ‘To-Be’ processes, workshops and the development of the new process flows. Each workshop will be structured to address a set of interrelated workflow or process, so the right mix of cross-functional resources can be involved.

Recommendation and Next Steps

The production of a final report setting out proposed ‘to be’ process model including roles and responsibilities and organisational design.

Why use The Hawk Media Partnership?

Our specialist partners have significant experience in managing and reviewing broadcast workflows and associated systems. This experience enables us to quickly add value in challenging situations. As consultants working across broadcast and media, we adopt best practice, ensuring our customers get the best solutions.


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