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We provide expert advice, support and guidance that enables us to solve technical and operational challenges.

Our portfolio of consulting services has been developed with the benefit of real operational experience and is tailored to address common challenges faced by broadcast and media companies.

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Discover360: Establish your performance gaps

Discover360 is an operational assessment framework. It is the primary means of assessing your operational capability and whether your organisation is falling short on delivery and cost-effectiveness.

The primary goal of Discover360 is to find opportunities to improve operational delivery and find areas to reduce costs.


Excel360: Achieve operational excellence

Excel360 is a framework designed to deliver improvements in operational delivery and efficiency. Excel360 generally uses the output and findings of Discover360 to define and deliver operational improvements and cost savings.

The primary goal of Excel360 is to improve operational performance and to reduce costs to help an organisation become more competitive and achieve operational excellence.


Secure360: Protect your network and content

Broadcasters and media companies are becoming increasingly targeted by hackers who can disrupt business, steal assets, interrupt live playout and hold organisations to ransom.

Secure360 is a broadcaster specific framework designed to evaluate the cybersecurity defences of your organisation. We provide tools and services to address any issues raised by the evaluation to ensure your organisation is resilient both now and in the future.

Secure360 can be standalone, one of the steps associated with Discover360, or a component of Excel360.


Continuity360: Ensure business resiliency during unexpected events

Continuity360 is our Business Continuity Management framework which ensures your organisation is prepared to deal with an unexpected event which may adversely affect your ability to deliver your services. Continuity360 is essentially preparing for the unexpected and ensuring your teams know what to do in the event of a serious incident. Continuity360 also ensures effective processes and systems are in place to enable you to minimise any impact on services.


Procure360: Actively manage your suppliers

Procure360 focuses on actively managing your critical suppliers to ensure they deliver the services you need at a competitive price.

Procure360 covers the complete lifecycle of supplier management, including procurement, in-contract support and contract renewal.


Workflow360: Deliver content seamlessly

Workflow360 helps broadcast and media companies review and improve their workflow processes and systems. It consists of work methods that review and analyse existing workflow effectiveness and throughput so that new, more effective workflows, can be introduced.


Interim Management: On demand cover for engineering and operations management roles

If you need temporary cover for engineering and operations positions then we can help. With considerable experience across the broadcast and media sector, we can provide experienced and credible leaders for weeks or months – and usually at a few days’ notice.


CTO as a Service: On demand access to broadcast and media technical expertise

CTO as a Service is a flexible technical and operational consultancy service that is available as and when you need it. The service is provided by broadcast and media professionals with a broad range of specialist skills. HawkCX provides the consultants ‘on demand’ to tackle operational challenges, technical problems or projects when required.


If you don’t see the area you’re looking for, we also offer bespoke consulting.

Why use us?

We provide a wide range of broadcast and media expertise. Our technical skills cover the complete broadcast ecosystem. Our customers benefit from engaging with industry practitioners who have proven ability to work together and deliver results. In addition, our customers benefit from our real in-post practitioner experience with access to an industry-leading set of skills and expertise.

“Working with Hawk, and Angus in particular, was an easy decision. Our paths have crossed many times over the last 20 years and Angus has delivered numerous high-value projects faultlessly throughout that period. The team that Angus brought together proved to be exactly the right mix of technical and programme management skills, as well as a group of excellent communicators meaning the Encompass team were kept fully updated throughout the lengthy programme, and this team worked tirelessly to ensure they interfaced with the ‘home’ team throughout. Teamwork was perhaps one of the stand-out aspects of the entire programme, not to mention ‘on time and on budget! I have no hesitation recommending the services of the Hawk Media Partnership to anyone looking to embark on a large integration project. Great work everyone!”

Nick Thompson, MD Encompass EMEA


Our partners keep an eye on current trends

Hawk’s Angus Blackwood Speaks on Best Practice in Control Room Design and Operation

In January 2022 the World Teleport Association published their paper on best practice in control room design and operation. Titled ‘Build a Better NOC’, the report explores best practices for strengthening and improving one of the most critical elements of operational and customer support, the Network Operations Center (NOC).

The report was researched and written by Angus Blackwood. In this exclusive World Teleport Association webinar, Angus can be heard speaking about the research findings.

The Hawk Interview Series: How Hawk Helps its Clients Prosper and Succeed with Angus Blackwood

During this interview you’ll hear Angus talking about how Hawk helps its clients, the range of skills and experience available in the Hawk team and typical projects that Hawk leads for its clients.

The Hawk Interview Series: How to Thrive by Leveraging your Broadcast Media Network Connections with Ben Anchor

During this interview you’ll hear how Ben has developed his broadcast network over the years, how he found the process of authoring books in different formats and his thoughts on what makes us happy with the work that we do and why.

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