Procurement & Supplier Management

Procure360: Actively managing your critical suppliers

What is Procure360?

Procure360 focuses on actively managing your critical suppliers to ensure they deliver the services you need at a competitive price.

Procure360 covers the complete lifecycle of supplier management, including procurement, in-contract support and contract renewal.

Why is supplier management important?

Key suppliers need to be effectively managed to ensure they consistently deliver services to a high quality. All suppliers have pressures on them to deliver consistently but they also have pressure on them to keep their costs low.

This balancing act is difficult to do on a sustainable basis, and if a supplier is contracted for a period of three to five years there will inevitably be service outages and issues that seriously affect service quality. And as your supplier’s service is an integral part of your service, your supplier’s service issues will directly impact your reputation and also your costs.

How does Procure360 work?

Step 1: Fact-finding

We engage with the supplier and work with them to audit their operation, focusing in on the buyer’s areas of concern. The audit will cover all aspects of service delivery including operational capabilities, process, systems, maintenance, problem-solving, communications and business continuity.

Step 2: Analysis

The information gathered under Step 1 is then analysed systematically. This enables all aspects of a service to be reviewed in as much detail as required.

  • We review service performance including availability, equipment reliability, early life failures, outages, including root cause analysis of outages.
  • We also review relevant workflows and processes for their usability and effectiveness. Evidence of continuous improvement is explored to gauge if people regularly look for ways to improve the processes they use to manage services.
  • Peoples’ skills and experience to manage the service is assessed. This covers team capability and also whether these capabilities are present at the right time and in the right quantity required to deliver the service.
  • Information systems involved in delivering the service are reviewed as well as the data required.
  • We also assess technical systems and infrastructure including preventative and reactive maintenance routines and resources.
  • Communications materials and processes are assessed including distribution and timeliness.

Step 3: Report and presentation

Results from the audit are presented in a report which clearly outlines the result of the audit including facts found under Step 1 and analysis under Step 2. Recommendations are covered in a Supplier Improvement Plan with suggestions for improvements, actions, targets and cost savings. A presentation of the work done and recommendations is available for audiences as required. At this stage, our customers can decide to use the Supplier Improvement Plan to manage the supplier himself, or alternatively The Hawk Media Partnership can implement the plan on behalf of our customers.

If asked to implement the plan, we will actively manage the supplier to ensure they fully deliver on the Supplier Improvement Plan. Throughout this phase we will hold regular meetings with the supplier, track agreed key performance indicators and regularly feedback performance to our customers. Effective communication between The Hawk Media Partnership and our customers is key during this phase so there are no surprises and confidence in the supplier’s ability to execute the improvement plan is fully restored.

Why Use The Hawk Media Partnership?

Our specialist partners have significant experience in procurement and supplier management in broadcast and media. This experience enables us to quickly add value to supplier management challenges and represent buyers professionally and astutely.

As industry practitioners, we understand technical procurement from a buyer’s perspective. We can also supplement internal procurement and technical resources quickly and effectively.

"Karen Chilton is a very driven individual who delivers results and leads teams to deliver theirs. A very capable programme manager she’s adept at working in unfamiliar environments, and with a range of specialists, to understand what is required and the most efficient means of delivering it. Her style is unpretentious and personable. She’s a highly trustworthy and committed individual."

Nigel Fry, Director Distribution at BBC World Service


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