Do you need training?

Effective and knowledgeable service delivery staff have a direct impact on how your organisation is perceived. The Training and Skills Blog on a leading technology company’s website reports on the benefits of having a trained workforce with an associated learning solution. The positive impact of excellent service leads to measurable improvements in customer satisfaction. It also increases staff motivation, improves staff retention, and will provide a corresponding reduction in recruitment costs.

A call for training can be often made while in the midst of resolving a service critical and repeated – “oh not again” – operational issue. If the people at the sharp end of the operation are making this call then they may be correct, but a Service Management view can provide focus on the root cause of the requirement for training.

Before commencing a search for training, it may be an idea to take some time to question the circumstances behind the training need.

  • Is this one of a number of frequently occurring operational incidents?
  • How often do incidents occur and are they resolved within an acceptable time period?
  • Can operations staff resolve the majority of incidents before having to call on second or third line, or other external support?
  • Are Incident Management records kept to help inform Issue and Problem resolution?
  • Is there an easily accessible Knowledge Base?
  • Have the links between the root causes of a problem and the potential actions been fully analysed?

These and other areas are worth examining before setting on a course of action.

Training in the use of specific technology, the associated workflows, processes and procedures, will help an operations team to quickly resolve issues.

So what is the best way for a busy team to deploy a training process, and is training the only component in an improvement programme?

TrainingNeeds360 is designed to discover the training needs of our customers, to help improve service & productivity, to reduce outages & maximise value. The framework can be standalone, or one of the steps associated with Discover360 or Excel360.

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