What is TrainingNeeds360?

TrainingNeeds360 is a framework for establishing training needs of teams. It helps managers identify their team’s top training requirements of their teams thus maximising the benefit from their training budgets.

How does TrainingNeeds360 help define training needs?

TrainingNeeds360 is tailored around a team’s particular needs. By assessing a team’s performance across their key activities and reviewing the gaps in capability, a training plan is generated. Key to this is a clear understanding of requirements and the desired outcomes and how success is measured.

The framework for assessing needs includes:

  • A review of the relevant operational processes, KPIs, workflows and the deployed technology;
  • An assessment of operational log information, issue and problem resolution, and the number of related service interruptions;
  • The root cause analyses related to operational issues;
  • Support structure and documentation;
  • Staff skills and capabilities, an understanding of knowledge gaps and key dependencies;
  • The design and delivery of a tailored training programme. This should include the augmentation of existing support procedures and will most likely involve known technical experts to provide training in key areas;
  • A subsequent review to assess the effectiveness of the training programme;
  • An optional “train the trainers” approach to ensure that expertise is retained within the client’s organisation.

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