Broadcasters and service providers: Are you ready for the next unexpected event?

In a recent survey on global risk management by Aon Risk Solutions the greatest risk identified by company executives was ‘damage to brand’, whilst the seventh greatest risk was a ‘business interruption’. It struck me that for broadcasters and service providers these risks were probably one in the same thing.

Broadcasters and service providers: What motivates your employees?

In a world of mobile workers and high growth in the technology sector attracting and retaining top-quality employees for service providers is costly. Research by the Oxford Economics puts the cost of an employee leaving at £30,000.

Angus talks to the World Teleport Association about business continuity

Angus outlines the key areas of business continuity that broadcasters and teleport operators should consider to add resilience to their operation.

Improve Service and Reduce Costs – How to have your cake and eat it

Investing in service improvement not only makes good sense – it can also save you money. How can this be – surely investing in service improvement costs money? Read on and I’ll explain how this can be achieved. As time progresses service quality of an operation will either improve or deteriorate – it very rarely stays constant.

The Seven Key Ingredients that Enable Companies to Deliver Great Service

I can’t imagine why any service provider wouldn’t strive to deliver excellent service to its customers. After all, it’s conventional wisdom that companies succeed if they look after their customers. If you’re not convinced of this, here are three reasons why broadcasters strive to deliver excellent service to their customers.

Do you need training?

Effective and knowledgeable service delivery staff have a direct impact on how your organisation is perceived. The Training and Skills Blog on a leading technology company’s website reports on the benefits of having a trained workforce with an associated learning solution.


TrainingNeeds360 is a framework for establishing training needs of teams. It helps managers identify their team’s top training requirements of their teams thus maximising the benefit from their training budgets.

Angus talks to the World Teleport Association about auditing

Angus discusses his work as an auditor on the WTA's teleport certification programme.

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